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A High School Quarterback. A Magical VR Wish.

During Keannu's sophomore year he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, a brain tumor that led to a stroke, leaving him unable to walk, talk or return to the field. His wish - to play football with his team again.


To make his wish a reality, we brought together his teammates, community, friends, and family to recreate an authentic football game staring him as the quarterback. Using Virtual Reality, the experience placed Keannu back onto the field, playing his beloved game with his team again. We also created this short film to share his inspiring story with the world.


Together we made the impossible, possible.


Empathy. Unity. Action.

Using the power of Art, Media and Technology, we will Defend, Protect and Uphold Human Rights.

We are bringing together 1000’s of innovative and award-winning artists, filmmakers, musicians, celebrities, corporations, nonprofits, politicians, citizens, and survivors through online broadcasts and film and arts festivals to heighten awareness, engagement, and resources.


See it. End it. creates a safe space to learn, collaborate, and expedite solutions to uphold human rights on a Global Scale.


Our platform incentivizes engagement through dynamic calls to action using media to heighten awareness and empathy. This fuels activism and mobilizes our community to collaborate, volunteer, connect, share resources, donate, create, sign petitions, and support NGOs.

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A Remarkable Journey To Save Them All.

Nestled away in the majestic backdrops of Utah, you’ll discover a 30,000-acre animal sanctuary, the heartbeat of one of America's leading and most beloved animal welfare organizations, Best Friends Animal Society.

The Sanctuary has seeded programs that save the lives of millions of animals each year, a true testament to the power of unconditional love, compassion, and empathy.


To bring their Sanctuary to the world, we created a unique Virtual Reality Film, taking audiences on a captivating and awe-inspiring journey into one of the most special places on earth.


Their inspiring story is a testament that we all can make a difference.


2 Doctors. Over 1 Million Lives Impacted.

Dr. Mary Lou and Dr. Jane have dedicated their lives to the service of others, spending over 40 years working throughout Guatemala to ensure everyone has access to medical care. Their work has impacted over 1 million people.

A Spiritual Teacher. A Beacon For Young Massai Girls.

Mary V has spent over 50 years advocating for the right that every girl to have access to education. Her work led her to build the Emusoi Center in Tanzania, providing 1000’s of young Maasai girls an education. She teaches empowerment through self-awareness, helping transform entire communities while preserving and advancing Maasai culture.


Together, with the Maryknoll Sisters, we traveled to Guatemala and Tanzania to share these remarkable stories and their organization with the world. We have 4 additional films from this trip currently in post-production.

The actions we take today can change millions of lives forever.


The Sustainable Tree. 

The story of a tree that can help reverse climate change, create a new livelihood for millions, and become a sustainable source of timber.


World Trees Empress Splendor is the fastest growing tree in the world. It also sequesters carbon rapidly, making it one of our most powerful trees for carbon offset. Their innovative business model is disrupting the forestry industry through impact-focused programs that benefit the climate, investors, and farmers.

A new future is possible.

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Media, Art, Technology, and Community are the most powerful tools we have to change the world.


We are an international collaborative of filmmakers, musicians, artists, influencers, NGOs, investors, corporations, technologists, and futurists. We believe that entertainment, advertising, philanthropy, and activism SHOULD and CAN coexist to generate profit, impact billions of lives, and bridge our gap of human connection.


Empathy. Unity. Action.